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Intrikit Web is a division of Stark Logic, Inc. Our companies provide custom solutions for our customers web based needs.

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Most businesses now realize how important the internet has become. To some businesses, their online strategies are invaluable. Banks do more business online than ever before, stores can sell products virtually to customers all over the world, and small businesses can offer online services that some of their larger competitors don't offer. As we discuss your business, we can offer services in software development that will help you and give you an advantage over your competitors. By building custom software or integrating out-of-the-box solutions, we can help you streamline your online processes and help you do more business online.

Intrikit specializes in custom programming solutions that are geared to exact specifications of a client's project.  In today's business environment, having custom software applications available through your web site are necessary in order to facilitate business processes which cuts overhead and helps your business to streamline time and resources.

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